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Secrets of
Healthy eating

Our bodies' cells need the chemical components found in minerals and vitamins for maintenance, repair, and building. Many of the foods we eat today are highly processed; stripped of most of their nutritional value; contaminated with unhealthy bi-products; and offer little nutritional benefit in the way of supplying the adequate vitamins and minerals we need. The best way to offset this deficit is to eat whole foods in as close to their original, natural form as possible, real foods like vegetables, fruits, mixed grains, nuts, and legumes. In addition, the body is composed mostly of water, which is the most essential medium for supporting life. So it is imperative that we drink, ideally, clean, uncontaminated water with its naturally occurring minerals.  It has been said, "You can trace every sickness, every disease, and every ailment to a mineral deficiency." --Dr. Linus Pauling, two-time Nobel Prize Laureate Supplying these minerals that may be missing from your eating regimen is part of the "secret" to staying vibrant and healthy. FreeMart products provide you with minerals that are readily assimilated and usable by the body, thereby assisting body parts that were not working properly to begin functioning normally again.

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